Butuan ex-councilor, convicted of felony


Former Butuan City Councilor Sergio “Serge” C. Pascual.

BUTUAN CITY – Former Butuan City Councilor Sergio C. Pascual was recently convicted by a Regional Trial Court for grave coercion and slight physical injuries according to a source of Butuanon Chronicles.

The case stemmed from a criminal case file by a certain “Junior”, a 14-year old minor, against the councilor who said in his complaint that on June 3, 2007 the victim was “willfully, unlawfully and feloniously by means of violence and intimidation…was grabbed and choked in the neck” by Pascual. The act of Pascual was supposedly meant to prohibit “Junior” in tending the cows of his employer. Aside from physically hurting “Junior”, he was also threatened by the engineer-councilor with words such as “Pag musaka pa mo utro diri, ipa-ihaw mo nako” (If you climb here again, I will butcher you next time). This prompted the family of “Junior” to file a case against Pascual last December 5, 2007. On December 28, 2007, the court, finding probable cause to the complaint, issued a warrant of arrest against Pascual in which the latter immediately posted bail to avoid being incarcerated.

Pascual was a former one-termer Butuan City Councilor and ran as Vice Mayor in the last May 2016 elections but only finished third in a field of three (3) candidates.

According to the court’s decision it said that “in as much as “Junior’s” physical injuries required five days of medical attention, accused was liable or slight physical injuries under Article 266 (1’) of the Revised Penal Code.” The court added that the “said felony is punishable by ‘aresto menor’, which penalty ranges from one day to thirty days of imprisonment. In the imposition of the proper penalty, accused is credited in his favor the mitigating circumstance of passion and obfuscation under Article 13 (6) of the Revised Penal Code. Accused is shown to have lost his reason and self-control, thereby diminishing the exercise of his will power.”

Moreover, the court in finding guilt on Pascual, meted the former councilor an imprisonment of ten (10) days for slight physical injuries and was ordered to pay the victim an undetermined amount in moral damages plus the costs of suit. It was not ascertained if Pascual has already served the 10-day imprisonment sentence imposed on him by the court. The decision was rendered by Presiding Judge Marigel S. Dagani-Hugo of the


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