Another Butuanon is making waves in the music scene

reasonMANILA – He was a typical student who, aside from being a football enthusiast and an excellent visual artist, has loved music which he obviously got from his equally talented parents. Reason Pious Fontanilla Fortun, a true-blooded Butuanon and currently a graduating student in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas, is now making it big in the music scene as lead guitarist and vocalist of the group called LaLuna.

It was in summer of 2016 that a group of young students from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and one coming from Far Eastern University (FEU) grouped together and formed themselves a band which they called LaLuna. Although the members were coming from different genres, but like magic, they blended well when they first sang together. Rarely do we know of a band who portrays blues rock surf chill music, but it became a hit among the youngsters. Reason said that they started doing gigs with even as small as five people in the audience. He added that originally they wanted to call their band as Ear-rotic, similar to how erotic means. But they realized that it may not sound good to some. After much of brain storming, they arrived at the name LaLuna because their music usually is about sexual desires and romance which usually occurs when the moon is out, thus LaLuna (Spanish for Moon). Coincidentally, when they released their first single it was on a full moon.
lalunaThe group is composed of Reason as lead guitarist and vocalist, Joshua Docena (drums and percussion), CJ Garcia (rhythm guitars) and Joshua Angeles (bass guitars). Never giving up on their dream of making it big in the music scene, they went gig after gig until they had an opportunity to play during UST’s biggest event, the UST Paskuhan. When they sang their original composition, surprisingly the audience sang with them in apparent show of approval and admiration. It was then that they were noticed and was demanded in almost every gig in the big city. Their original composition “Hawak Bitaw” became a big hit which they later recorded as their first single.

hirayaOn February 25, they will be performing again during the Hiraya Music Fest 2017 at the SSS lot at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig together with other upcoming bands and artists such as Silent Sanctuary, Deuce Manila, Mars Miranda and SUD.

You may follow them on Facebook at: LaLunaMusicPH


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